FILE - In this Tuesday, March 23, 2010, file photo, the Google logo is seen at the Google headquarters in Brussels. France's data privacy agency ordered Google to remove search results worldwide upon request, giving the company two weeks to apply the "right to be forgotten" globally. The order Friday from CNIL comes more than a year after Europe's highest court ruled that people have the right to control what appears when their name is searched online. (AP Photo/Virginia Mayo, File)

Google is donating $1 million to fight the spread of the Zika virus by assisting engineers and data scientists to determine geographical spread of this devastating disease.

The Zika virus, spread through mosquito bites, has become an epidemic in Latin American and the Caribbean and is potentially linked to birth defects.  Pregnant women exposed to this virus are thought to be at risk of having children with microcephaly (small heads) and other life threatening birth defects.

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