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Let me know how I’m doing and how I have impacted your life!

B. Lynn Ware – CEO at Integral Talent Systems, Inc.

I had the pleasure of working with Debra Alwyn at Satellite Healthcare to develop e-learning modules. Debra was a proactive and conscientious contributor to the educational needs of Satellite employees. She cared deeply about the competence of the clinical staff and developed new methods of training and job support tools to both help employees do their jobs more effectively and save the organization a considerable amount of money at the same time. Debra is a self-starter and can be relied on to carry through and excel on any responsibilities that come her way. She is a great team member and demonstrates respect and sensitivity for patients and others with whom she works. I hope to have the privilege of working with her again.

January 1, 2016, B. Lynn was a consultant or contractor to Debra at Satellite Healthcare

Phyllis Thompson – Human Resources Professional

I have had the privilege of knowing Debra Alwyn for the past year working at Satellite Healthcare, Inc. While working with Debra on collaborating with designing and developing training solutions for Satellite, Debra has shown to be a great team player assisting and providing solutions to me while teaching, making suggestions, and providing excellent resolutions to complete my individual e Learning modules.

Debra has also demonstrated her leadership and ability to create a dynamic team environment, while maintaining the capability to be flexible while meeting Management expectations.  Debra is insightful, articulate and ensures that every project is well designed and educational.

December 30, 2015, Phyllis worked directly with Debra at Satellite Healthcare

Kristi Brackett – University Healthcare Alliance, Nurse Educator

It is my great pleasure to recommend Debra Alwyn, MSN,RN. Debra is not only a true friend and mentor, but I have also worked with her on many projects over the years.

I have my BSN, RN from San Jose State University where I first met Debra in a clinical rotation. We have worked together in many capacities over the years and I find her passion for nursing, teaching and mentoring to be inspirational. Debra is a joy to work with and highly professional.

Debra and I developed the Childbirth Preparation classes at Los Olivos Women’s Medical Group 20 years ago, and continue to teach them, as well as mentor new instructors and students in our methods. Debra and I also worked at San Jose City College together where Debra designed and implemented both the Medical Terminology Class, as well as the Dynamic Health Concepts Class.

Debra was instrumental in the core work design and outlines for many of the classes of the Medical Assisting Program, which is a thriving and popular major at the college today. Debra is proficient using SLO methodology, course mapping and TracDat, which is the online SLO tracking tool for San Jose City College.

Most recently, I worked as a consultant at Satellite HealthCare with Debra where she was implementing QSEN in their syllabus for the dialysis education program. Debra guided me to help combine the different programs into a more concise syllabus in which she is integrating cutting edge Quality and Safety Education for Nurses throughout. This is a huge project that will lead to a safer workplace that is patient centered. Debra was driven and passionate about this project and shows a high level of thinking as well as considering the smallest minute details.

Debra is highly intelligent and industrious and shows perseverance as well as initiative in all her projects. It is difficult not to get swept up in her excitement for any project she works on. It is with utmost respect that I recommend Debra Alwyn. She will bring initiative, perseverance and passion to your workplace. Her energy level is contagious!

Yours sincerely,
Kristen Brackett, BSN, RN, PHN, CCE, CHC

December 31, 2015, Kristi worked directly with Debra at San Jose City College